Post-Op Services

Revitalize and Rejuvenate: Unwind with our Post-Op Spa Services

Welcome to our Post-Op Services at Event Mobile Spa, where we understand the importance of post-operative care in your journey to recovery. Our specialized massage services, including lymphatic drainage and scar tissue massage, are designed to support and enhance the healing process after plastic surgery.

The Healing Touch

Our certified therapists bring expertise to the forefront, employing gentle and rhythmic strokes that stimulate the lymphatic system. This aids in fluid drainage, reduces swelling, and promotes a smoother recovery experience. Sessions are conducted with utmost care, ensuring a non-invasive approach that avoids direct pressure on incision sites.

Tailored for You

Every individual's post-operative needs are unique, and our sessions are tailored to meet these specific requirements as per your doctor's orders. Initially, multiple weekly sessions are recommended, gradually decreasing as swelling subsides and progress is made.

Consultation and Collaboration

Prior to initiating any post-operative massage regimen, it is crucial to consult with your surgeon. We emphasize the importance of collaboration, ensuring our therapists adhere to your surgeon's instructions and work in harmony with your overall recovery plan.

Non-Invasive Care

While our massages are non-invasive and do not involve suture removal, they play a significant role in promoting flexibility, minimizing scars, and contributing to improved cosmetic outcomes. Open communication with your massage therapist is encouraged, especially regarding any discomfort experienced during the sessions.

Partnership with Plastic Surgeons

Calling all Plastic Surgeons in Miami! If you have the space and equipment, consider partnering with us to deliver our specialized post-operative services right in your office. Alternatively, let us know, and we'll bring our expertise directly to your patients' home, hotel, or short-term rental. Together, we can enhance the overall post-operative experience and contribute to the success of your procedures.

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