Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Common Questions

In order to ensure a relaxing and pleasant experience using the services of Event Mobile Spa, we've answered some of the questions our customers frequently ask. Reviewing these suggestions will help you prepare for your upcoming visit.

How does Event Mobile Spa Work?

Event Mobile Spa helps you book a massage to your home, hotel, or office. We work with certified massage therapists available in your area at your specified time. At your appointment time, a therapist will arrive at your door with a massage table, booster, linens, lotions and oils to ensure a relaxing experience. All you have to do book and then enjoy your massage.

With how much time in advance should I book my personal service?
With how much time in advance should I book my special event?
What is the Event Mobile Spa's cancellation policy?
What are your operating hours?
What if I have special health conditions?
Where do Event Mobile Spa Offer Services?
How do I book a Special Service or Corporate Event?

Post-Op FAQs

Is post-operative massage necessary after plastic surgery?

Yes, post-operative massage, particularly lymphatic drainage, helps reduce swelling, promotes healing, and improves overall recovery outcomes by facilitating the natural drainage of fluids.

When can I start post-op massage after surgery?
How often should I schedule post-op massage sessions?
Are there any contraindications for post-op massage?
Can I perform post-op massage at home, or should it be done by a professional?
Will you remove my sutures?

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