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Corporate Events – Xpress Massage


Our aim is to provide services that keep you and your staff alert and engaged

At Event Mobile Spa, our corporate massage services are tailor-made using techniques specifically aimed at reducing tension, induce relaxation and improve blood flow, resulting in enhanced critical thinking and cognitive presence, boosting productivity and energy.

Clients using our services retain us to provide a number of services such as employee of the month, secretary day, executive retreat, health day, as a way to reward staff for their hard work, help release tensions so that they remain alert, engaged, and able to perform optimally while maintaining better circulation, remaining healthier and reducing absenteeism, and more.

Our services can be performed on-site or off-site at a special event venue including for anniversary or holiday event.

Xpress Massage Elixir

Our Xpress Massage Elixir is based on the principles of Dr. Emoto which demonstrate that sound modifies the molecular structure of water. Because we are made of high levels of water, we use his vibration therapies, scalp massage and use aromas suitable for immediate results, fusing massage with wood, metals and smells designed to be reinforcing with Reiki techniques.


Relieves bodily or postural tensions

Stimulates circulation and oxygen

Favors productive development

Leaves employee fresh instantly

Employees report increased energy and cognitive ability

Improves interactivity in the work environment

We cater special events:

Employee, manager or partner birthdays

Company anniversary

Year-end event

Customer Loyalty Programs

Product Launchings and workshops

Coffee breaks and other special occasions

Other services can be added  on-demand:

Catering service and/or live music; relaxing, soloists, classical guitar, bossa nova or other


**These therapies can also be performed at your desk or other assigned place**


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