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Harmony for your Body & Soul

A la Carte Bridal Services

Our Holistic Wrap-Bridal Services will make your skin look glowing and radiant while your body and mind enjoy the calm and relaxation of this wonderful experience.

Enchanted Dead Sea Wrap

Here we find the natural charm of the Dead Sea, mixing the nutrients of seaweed, marine exfoliants and the purifying, alkalizing and remineralizing effect of Himalayan salt. Everything necessary to make this a detoxifying, energetic and revitalizing wrapping, due to the properties of its components. Finishing with a wonderful massage of relaxation with warm ayurvedic oil to achieve a balance to your body.

**Himalaya salt scrub / algae clay / green clay / ayurvedic oil**

Miami Passion  Wrap

Miami Passion is the fusion of all the elements that will give you the nature and energy of this beautiful city.  Feel the ecstasy of tropical sensations and aromas, such as coffee, orange, and coconut.  All their antioxidants will revitalize your skin, reduce the effects of fatigue and tiredness and combined with the ancient Hawaiian massage technic “Lomilomi” with coconut oil, it promotes a feeling of general balance and relaxation.

**Coffee scrub / green clay / coffee / orange oil / coconut oil**

 Green Oxigenant  Wrap

In this treatment we enjoy all the benefits of fruits and vegetables, providing nutrition and well-being to our body. Joining the benefits of avocado, cucumber and melon, making this a detoxifying, anti-inflamatory, nutritive, oxygenating wrapping which is a good ally to keep the skin hydrated while promoting the softness in the skin and finishing with a gentle massage with essential oils.

**Sugar scrub melon or cucumber / clay melon or cucumber / ayuvedic oil**

Bridal Elixir

To release the tension of wedding preparations, we’ve designed a protocol that stimulates, potentializes and reprograms the body’s fluids, based on the principles of Dr Emoto, using sounds special oils, aromas, crystals, magnets, massage techniques, reiki etc. We customize your own elixir or essential oil formulas to develop the treatment according to your vibration, exalting your inner light.

Sparkling Facial

Through this facial, we offer to your skin the luminosity, elasticity, and freshness that you need to further exalt your own beauty. Using quality products to achieve an integral facial.